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Bo Nickal riktar kritik mot Allstarsfightern – ”Khamzat Chimaev tar inte sporten seriöst”MMA & UFC NYHETER – SVERIGE

Den nyblivna UFC-fightern Bo Nickal har skapat rubriker redan innan sin debut för organisationen. Nyligen riktade Nickal kritik mot Allstarsfightern Khamzat Chimaev.

Bo Nickal – ”Han klarar inte ens av att vinna över vågen”

Under sommaren gick brottningsfenomenet Nickal två matcher i samband med Dana White’s Contender Series. Under säsongsavslutningen avslutade 26-åringen sin motståndare på under minuten och erbjöds därför ett kontrakt med världens största MMA-organisation. I samband med en intervju efter fighten skickade Nickal iväg en utmaning till ”den svenska killen”. UFC-presidenten Dana White svarade då att Nickal måste lugna ner sig lite.

Nickal intervjuades nyligen av Ariel Helwani i samband med The MMA Hour. Där riktade amerikanen kritik mot Chimaev och amerikanen hade welterviktarens misslyckade invägning innan UFC 270 i åtanke.

I just think, first off, this dude talks about he’s ready to go always, he’s a gangster, this and that — bro, you can’t even beat the scale. What are you doing? This is just a dude that has no accountability and doesn’t treat the sport professionally. That makes me way less nervous to fight him in the future, because we’re going to fight. I know he’s not committed like I am. He’s not willing to do the things that I’m willing to do.

Vidare berättade Nickal om hur han känner sig mer erfaren än Chimaev.

Yeah, he’s talented. Yeah, he has skills. But if that’s how you approach the sport, if that’s how you treat it, we’re on different levels. People will act like I’m talking crazy because I say I’m ready to go — Chimaev, let’s get it — but reality is this dude won three national titles in Sweden and then came into MMA and has 10 fights. I’ve been competing since I was 5 [years old]. I had 120-plus NCAA wrestling matches. I won a U23 world championship. I’m coming with 10 times the experience you have. So when people say, ‘You’re not ready, stay in your lane’ — y’all don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, so you’ll see what happens once we get in the cage.

Avslutningsvis delade Nickal med sig av sin förhoppning om att en potentiell framtida match mot Chimaev skulle kunna komma att bli den största i sportens historia.

I hope it is the biggest fight in the history of the sport. I hope it is, because that’s right where I see myself and what excites me the most. That’s why I get up every day and train as hard as I do and put the hours in that other people aren’t willing to do. When that fight gets announced and he signs on the dotted line, he’s going to have eight weeks to train but it’s already going to be too late. Because I’ve been training since I was 5 and I’m ready for this.

Nickal står med ett totalt matchfacit som lyder  3-0-0. Chimaevs dito lyder 12-0-0.

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