Chael Sonnen går loss på Tyson Furys ”dumma” erbjudande till Francis Ngannou.

Chael Sonnen sågar Tyson Fury

Intresset för Francis Ngannou har i samband med dennes fria agentur fått en stor ökning. Bortsett från diverse MMA-organisationer har det även funnits en ömsesidig vilja att pröva på boxning.

Det har länge talats om ett möte mellan Tyson Fury och Francis Ngannou. Olika regler, kompromisser och villkor har diskuterats. Men nyligen kom Fury med ett förslag. Förslaget förtäljde en boxningsmatch som skulle genomföras med MMA-handskar och i en bur istället för en ring.

Francis Ngannou, I know you’re out contract with the UFC. You want to earn some big boy money come see the ‘Gypsy King’ and let’s do a big, big fight for the baddest M.F. on the planet.

Let’s kick it up spicy in a cage, four-ounce gloves, on the Queensberry, and let’s have a badass referee like “Iron” Mike Tyson. Did I just sell that to the world?

Förslaget har i sig diskuterats flitigt. Inte minst av UFC-veteranen Chael Sonnen, som tycker att det är bland det dummaste han hört i sportsammanhang. I en video på sin youtubekanal sågade han Fury och hans förslag.

I see Tyson Fury come out over the weekend and finally clear up first what we’re going to do first with Francis. They’ve always said they’re going to make up a sport. These two were going to do a game, but they were going to do something combat related. For reasons unknown, they weren’t going to box. Francis offered to box, and for reasons unknown, Tyson did not accept that invitation, and they were going to make up rules.

Tyson finally laid out for us what they are. They were going to fight in a cage. I have no idea why. They’re going to fight in a cage. OK, fine. They’re going to wear four-once gloves. I have no idea why, but OK, fine. They are then going to follow boxing rules, the rules of Queensbury.

Förbluffad över de udda reglerna fortsätter Sonnen:

I put this out there because of how disappointing it is to see these boxers as beggers. Guys that are hot to fight to go out there and get it on your own, that have physical capabilities that other men can only dream of. But they don’t know how to go out there and get it on their own. They just don’t know how. I bring it to you because to watch Tyson Fury beg, it was surprising. I don’t want to call it disappointing. It was really close to calling it that, but I don’t want to call it that. So Tyson comes to us with perhaps the dumbest idea in sports history. He knows it is.

”It was just weird.

Sonnen tycker att de först och främst borde skött förhandlingarna bakom kulisserna, men också att de bara skulle bestämma sig för vanliga regler.

To watch a guy in that position that could command, that has the connections, that should’ve done this behind the scenes, should’ve been able to come out and make an announcement, instead lobby a joke to the world with pieces – it was just weird.

Are you guys going to do it or not? If you’re going to do it, why do it in a cage? Why do it with four-once gloves? Why are you calling boxing Queensbury? Why don’t we make this real simple? Tell me that. Because then we’d have to do it. That’s why. We make it complex, so we can get out of doing it.

Vad tycker ni om Sonnens tankar?

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