Rio Ferdinand

One of the most impressive footballers who made an impressive switch to boxing is Rio Ferdinand. Former Man United defender, Ferdinand, famous for his world-class career in football, has embarked on an unexpected journey into the world of boxing post-retirement. The former England player surprised many of his fans by announcing his desire to pursue professional boxing. 

Facing doubts and scrutiny… and no stranger to hard work and dedication,  Ferdinand dedicated himself to rigorous training under expert guidance – showcasing a commitment to the sport that we’d expect.

Despite not pursuing a full professional career in boxing, Ferdinand’s determination and preparation were evident. His venture into boxing symbolised a bold leap into uncharted territory, displaying his relentless drive for new challenges beyond the football pitch. While his boxing stint was short-lived, it underscored Ferdinand’s unwavering passion for testing his limits and exploring diverse avenues post-football.

Leon McKenzie

Leon McKenzie – another name known for his football prowess with clubs like Norwich City and Coventry City, has been another one that has made a transition into professional boxing after retiring from football. Embracing the physical and mental demands of the sport, whilst pursuing the sport, he has exhibited determination and resilience in his pursuit of trying something new.

Indeed, he has had a reasonably impressive boxing career that included several victories – and he has showcased a pretty decent transformation from the football pitch to the boxing ring. This change has displayed not only his athletic versatility but also his dedication to mastering different sports and disciplines. To many, McKenzie’s journey into the world of boxing has been nothing short of inspirational – demonstrating that with real commitment and hard work, footballers and other athletes can successfully turn their hand to new challenges, and leave a mark on more than one sporting domain.

Stuart Tomlinson

Another player who tried to make the shift was Stuart Tomlinson – who was once a goalkeeper in football for Crewe Alexandra and Port Vale. Not boxing this time, however… he took a step into the world of the WWE when his footballing career came to an end. Making the move from the football pitch to the WWE, he has shown a real determined spirit and an apparent thirst for new challenges.

As you would expect, he had to undertake seriously rigorous training before he could start competing in WWE fights… and he appeared to have a number of transferable skills. His foray into WWE showcased not only his physical power but also his willingness to set his cap at something completely different. 

While not as high-profile as his footballing career, his venture into fighting was the perfect example of his dedication to trying out something different in the world of sports – and showed that he was adaptable and resilient. 

John Harkes

Last on our list we have John Harkes, a former US footballer and Premier League player, who also took a step into the world of combat sports when his football career ended. He tried his hand at boxing – taking part in a charity boxing event, and showed that his athletic abilities went beyond the football field.

He may not have been hugely successful in this sport – and he certainly never made a career out of it, but his involvement in boxing did show that he had a willingness to try something new

The move from football to fighting shows that there are some incredibly versatile, determined and talented sportsmen out there… and shows that with the right determination and strength of mind, you can do whatever you set your mind to. 

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