Jake Paul attackerar tidigare UFC-stjärnan Nate Diaz för att han inte gjort något för att promota deras kommande boxningsmatch.

Jake Paul klagar på Nate Diaz sätt att promota

Jake Paul har alltid gjort sitt yttersta för att promota sina matcher. När det kommer till matchen mot Nate Diaz så verkar han mindre nöjd med att sin motståndare inte dragit sitt strå till stacken.

Youtuber-influencern kritiserade den ”ganska tråkige” Diaz lathet i en nylig intervju med MMA Junkie:

That’s what I wanted – that’s why I signed up for this – is to give the people a show and to squash this beef. He talked a lot more sh*t to me before we signed up to fight. So, he’s kind of being a b*tch in that sense. I expected more out of him, and I expected him to carry that gangster attitude and to not take my insults. But he’s pretty much rolled over like a b*tch and has been quite boring, which pisses me off. But I’m used to carrying these promotions. It’s no different in this one.

I think it’s going to surprise everyone. This is the most amount of interest we’ve had in terms of ticket sales, live gate. We’re pretty much all sold out. The highest average ticket prices for any of my fights. The first time my opponent had this much traction on social media in terms of the posts he’s making about it. So I think it can exceed expectations. I would be happy with 400,000 or 500,000 (pay-per-view buys). But I’m also coming off of selling 830,000 with Tommy (Fury). So it could be even bigger. Nate Diaz is a bigger star than Tommy Fury. He has more experience in this game. Has sold millions of PPVs throughout his career. So it could shock us all.

Herrarna kommer mötas den 5 augusti i American Airlines Center i Dallas, Texas.

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