Jorge Masvidal var nästan helt säker på att han skulle kunna knocka Ben Askren med ett flygande knä inför deras stormatch sommaren 2019 som tog slut efter fem sekunder.

Jorge Masvidal visst hur han skulle lura Ben Askren

Masvidal och Askren möttes i juli 2019 vid UFC 239 under International Fight Week i en väldigt efterlängtad match. Herrarna hade utövat en del trash-talk under upptakten till matchen där Askren att han med enkelhet skulle kunna dominera Masvidal med sin brottning. När herrarna väl möttes var dock Masvidal säker på att motståndaren skulle dyka och gå på nedtagning omedelbart.

Den tvåfaldige titelutmanaren sade följande i Joe Rogan Experience:

When I saw him face-to-face every time and it was straight my IQ versus yours and my improvisation versus your improvisation. Maybe you have been thinking about some stupid s**t for like a month and you will say it to me now. But he froze every single time, there were a lot of encounters we had off-camera. Every single time, it was unscripted like that, just spur of the moment, couldn’t keep it together. I was like, I not only need to run at him, but I need to have a change of speed because that is going to make him go to his natural crotch-sniffing instincts.

If I just change the speed on him, he is going to f****g duck. That is why I came out slow, cut the little angle and let him oh okay we are going to circle it up. As soon as I change speed what does he do? Go to his f****g initial instincts as a crotch sniffer. Go sniff the crotch. Instead, you are going to kiss this knee goodbye, though.

When I’m doing it the night before I’m like 95 percent certain because of the way he is acting all week,” Masvidal concluded about Askren. “All I have to do at any given moment is just get this guy uncomfortable. Go from chill to invading his space, whether it was in the opening bout or in the second round, or midway through the third round. I just knew I had to invade his space and he was going to go to his natural instincts. I know I keep saying it, but I just knew it, the way he would freeze up every time we talked, the way he walked, the way he would get stiff, I just knew.

Ledde till titelmatcher

Jorge Masvidal kom att landa det flygande knät efter knappt tre sekunder och efter två gick domaren emellan och avbröt matchen till Masivdals fördel. Segern bäddade för en huvudmatch vid UFC 244 under hösten i Madison Square Garden i New York där han mötte Nate Diaz om ’Baddest Motherf*cker’-bältet. Efter tatt vunnit den matchen fick han utmana Masvidal två raka gånger men kom att besegras båda gånger.

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