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T.J. Dillashaw om sin doping: I was a shell of a manMMA & UFC NYHETER – SVERIGE

T.J. Dillashaw fortsätter att bli sågad för att ha EPO-dopat sig år 2019. Till och med efter en tvåårig avstängning fortsätter MMA-fansen att häckla och anklaga Dillashaw för att fortfarande vara en fuskare. Nu hävdar han att dopade sig då han fick blodbrist när han försökte fightas på flugvikt.

T.J. Dillashaw berättar varför han dopade sig

Dillashaw är nu tänkt att möta Aljamain Sterling om bantamviktstiteln vid UFC 280 denna helg, samma bälte som han innehade nät han ertappades för doping. I en intervju med BT Sport berättade Dillashaw hur EPO hamnade i hans system och varför han använde det:

To be myself. I was a shell of a man, of who I was. I was supposed to be the baddest man on the planet. I was dropping to a weightclass that my body physically wouldn’t let me do. Full blown anemic like six to eight weeks out from the fight. Not wanting to wake up, not wanting to train, not feeling like I could live up to the biggest fight of my life. So I took an anemia medication that I knew I couldn’t, but I knew it would get me back to where I was, the fight that I wanted.

Blodbrist är en åkomma där det finns ett underskott av blodceller i kroppen där en av orsakerna är drastisk viktnedgång. Dillashaw försökte gå ner från matchvikten 135 lbs till 125 lbs för att möta Henry Cejudo om flugviktstiteln. Matchen gick dock inte som planerat då Cejudo var snabb med att avsluta Dillashaw efter knappt 30 sekunder den första ronden. Kort efter detta visade ett blodprov att han var EPO-dopad:

I’ve kind of fessed up to all that, I’ve manned up to the whole situation. I knew going into it that I wasn’t supposed to be doing it, but … I was chasing something that was gonna line my pockets forever, it was gonna cement some more legacy, just something that my body wouldn’t let me do but my mind wanted me to. Just my ego, you say, right? Just my ego saying ‘F***, I’m the best, I’m gonna get this s*** done.’

I think that’s why I came out so fast, I admitted to everything right away before it was even announced because I wanted to get it behind me as soon as possible. I knew it was going to be a process no matter what. I knew the ridicule that was going to come with it, but that was the easiest way for me to get it behind me. It was like going to a therapist and just letting it all out.

Höll låg profil på sociala medier under avstängningen

Även om T.J. Dillashaw gjorde det tydligt att det hela inte var en dans på rosor så spenderade han i alla fall inte sin långa avstängning på sociala medier:

I guess it’s a benefit that I’m not a guy that’s on social media all the time, that I’m not tuned into that stuff. I’ve never been that way, I’ve had to force myself to do it to help promote myself. So it’s pretty easy to shut that out that way. And just the fact that I was one of the most drug tested athletes in the UFC. Just put some logic behind it, did I just forget how to cheat and got caught? You know, I mean if I was cheating all those years, I just decided to not do it the same way?

And the fact that they went back and retested all my samples from all the way back to 2016, put me under a microscope and showed the world that none of those other fights had anything in it, you know?

Amerikanen svarade även på anklagelserna från sin kommande motståndare Sterling om att han fortfarande dopar sig:

I think it’s just him creating excuses, being scared of the fight. Knowing that the man standing across from him’s got a great chance of knocking his ass out. And it’s just an excuse to why he lost, he didn’t lose to a clean athlete. But I can guarantee you that I am.

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