Usman opens up on immediate rematch and tough KO-loss: “It was a great shot”

Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman UFC 278. Photo: Viaplay

Only 56 seconds away from defending his welterweight title, Kamaru Usman suffered a brutal head kick knockout against Leon Edwards last Saturday.

“It was a great shot. A great shot. I’m talking Hail Mary in the Super Bowl, last ten seconds, that was a great shot. Hats off to Leon,” Usman said with a smile in a recent interview with TMZ. “I watched the fight now three-four times, I’ve watched it once yesterday and three times today. No it’s not hard at all.”

Now, the former champion and pound-for-pound king wants an immediate rematch as soon as possible.

“What else makes sense? I mean, look at the division,” Usman said. “No, it’s absolutely what’s gonna happen next. I’ve talked to Dana, and we’re gonna see. I’ll let him do his job, and we’re gonna see what date makes sense. It’s gonna be top of next year. I was gonna try and squeeze one in this year, but it’ll probably be the top of next year, and I want to go to England.”

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Kamaru Usman: “You couldn’t write this any better”

Just days after the tough loss, Kamaru Usman seemed to be in good spirits and claimed that he’s looking forward to crossing the Atlantic to fight Edwards a third time.

“I’ve been feening to go to England. I feel like England is my second home now, and England is half Africa. People don’t know that, but it’s half Africa, so it’s time to go over there and entertain my English people, and what better story? You couldn’t write this any better. So I’m excited to see what’s next, and we will definitely figure something out.”

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