Valentina Shevchenko tror att domaren Jason Herzog var en av anledningarna  att hon förlorade titeln till Alexa Grasso vid UFC 285.

Valentina Shevchenko ifrågasätter Jason Herzogs insats

I den delade huvudmatchen tidigare denna månad blev Shevchenko avslutad via face crank av Grasso i en skrällseger. Det var en oväntad seger även om Grasso vann matchen på ett självklart sätt. Trots detta ifrågasätter Shevchenko varför domaren Jason Herzog i matchen tvingade henne att stå upp efter att hon tagit ner Grasso.

Shevchenko sade följande The MMA Hour:

You asked me how I felt during the fight, and now, thinking about that, I think some kind of small situation, like what happened in the fight could affect performance, or how you feel. For example, before right now, I never thought about this, but it’s very clear in my mind, a few actions that the referee did in the fight, I completely don’t understand why he did that. Because he was refereeing my two last fights, and first fight, with Taila [Santos] in Singapore, I thought it could be the situation or something like this, but there was a combination where I strike and ended the combination with a head kick, and I felt Taila [got hurt] and I wanted to finish the fight, but he stopped the fight and he let her breathe. I was like, ‘OK, this doesn’t sound right, but maybe it was just the situation.

But in this fight, we were on the ground position, I was in her guard and landing big shots over her, and he just decided to stand us up and continue the striking. It’s kind of the same situation where I say it could affect the fighter, what they do to take their opponent down. They spend so much energy to [score a] takedown first, and second to hold them down, and when you [get a takedown] you definitely want to use the situation because you spend so much energy. And when it was decided, ‘Oh no, in my opinion you don’t have to be there. You have to fight in the stand-up,’ it’s kind of working against you because it affects your performance, because you have to build the situation all over again.

Finns även andra anledningar också

Shevchenko säger att hennes game plan var att ta ner Alexa Grasso och hålla kvar henne på marken och därmed var Herzogs agerande överraskande. Även om hon inte anser att det är den primära anledningen till förlusten så anser hon att det hade en inverkan:

It could be a [combination] of all these little situations together, that’s why it happened, what happened at the end. This action is hard to understand for me why it was when it was, because when I watch the fight, it’s not my fault that Alexa couldn’t go out from that position, because I was holding her very tight, and in the moment I started to land big shots, he just decided to stand us up. I don’t know. That’s why I’m saying, for me, it looks kind of surprising. Because yeah, this is my game plan and I want to keep this game plan, but someone says , ‘No, I don’t think it’s your game plan, you have to go up and stand,’ this kind of looks differently.

Även om Shevchenko förlorade sitt bälte så är hon självsäker i att kunna besegra Grasso om rematchen äger rum.

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