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Arash Javanbakht och Fighter Centre bjuder in till öppen matta för att uppmärksamma situationen i IranMMA & UFC NYHETER – SVERIGE

Med anledning av den pågående situationen i Iran bjuder kampsportsprofilen Arash Javanbakht in alla intresserade till öppen matta i Göteborg.

Arash Javanbakht – ”Jag delar deras smärta och kamp”

BJJ-coachen, domaren och utövaren Javanbakht vill uppmärksamma protesterna i Iran som inleddes efter Mahsa Aminis död. Den kurdisk-iranska kvinnan slogs ihjäl av så kallad ”moralpolis”, som hade åsikter om hur Amini bar sin slöja. Därför bjuder Javanbakht in till öppen matta i Göteborg.

Nedan kan läsaren ta del Javanbakhts inbjudan i sin helhet.

To my friends in the jiujitsu community. I wanted to share something with you in regards to recent events in Iran. My hope is that this will have a reach far outside of the confides of our community. It’s a long text but please bear with me.

I’m of Iranian descent. My family moved to Sweden when I was 6 years, because of an oppressive regime in my home country. I have been able to grow up in a free country with the opportunities to succeed in any endeavor I desired. That’s not the case for many in Iran because of the same oppressive regime my family fled from some 30 years ago. Over the past couple of weeks, the people of Iran have started an uprising against this oppressive regime, following the beating and subsequent death of a young Kurdish-Iranian girl Mahsa Amini. The regime’s reaction to this uprising has been brutal. The regimes police forces have beaten, tortured, raped, kidnapped and even killed young protesters, who´s only crime was to oppose the government and expressed a will to live in freedom. I share their pain and their struggle for a free Iran.

But living overseas, I’m limited in what I can do. So the little I can do, I will do; to bring awareness, to be a witness, to be a small voice for the oppressed, and to let the my countrymen know that they are not forgotten. In an effort to bring awareness to this cause, I will be organizing a 12 hour open mat at Fighter Centre in Gothenburg on Sunday the 23rd of October 2022 between the hours of 11.00 – 23.00, free for all people in gyms around town to attend. I will be there to spar with whoever that wants to come through and show their support. Gi or Nogi. There’s no registration in advance. Show up whenever you can during those hours. Please share this post with your friends if you have the time, the more the merrier, tag or send this to journalists you might know or news outlets. The more awareness we can bring to the matter, the better. Thank you so much in advance.

Även Fighter Centre gör reklam för eventet på föreningens hemsida. Där skriver man att alla är välkomna och att det är valfritt om man vill sparras i Gi eller NoGi. Eventet kommer äga rum på Fighter Centre i Göteborg den 23 oktober. Öppen matta kommer pågå från 11:00-23:00

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