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Charles Oliveira ber om ursäkt efter förlusten: Gjorde inte mitt bästaMMA & UFC NYHETER – SVERIGE

Charles Oliveira har bett om ursäkt för fansen efter att hans förlust via arm-triangle-choke mot Islam Makhachev i titelmatchen vid UFC 280.

Charles Oliveira vill gå nästa match så snart som möjligt

Oliveira var efter förlusten tydlig i post-fight intervjun med att han vill gå sin nästa match så snart som möjligt:

Hey Dana [White], hey Hunter [Campbell], I’ve always accepted fights anywhere in the world against anyone. Please, I have to be next. Give me my next opportunity. Doesn’t matter where it’s going to be, I’ll be ready.

Vid post-fight presskonferensen sade brassen att motgången skulle motivera honom att komma tillbaka bättre än någonsin.

A wounded lion is a more dangerous animal, and I’m going to go back and hunt again.

Ber om ursäkt till fansen

Även om många är fokuserade på vad som nu väntar den nya lättviktsmästaren Makhachev men många sörjer även Oliveiras förlust och slutet på dennes dominans i viktklassen.

I en video som han släppte via sociala medier valde brassen att be om ursäkt till sina fans:

Hey everyone from Brazil and the rest of the world, everyone that supported me and cheered me on. I just wanted to pass by here to send out a message and simply apologize. I believe that everything I did in training was done right, including the weight cut, but yesterday I wasn’t able to find myself in the fight. Yesterday, Islam was better than I was in terms of timing and did an overall better fight, coming out as champion.

I haven’t even slept yet because naturally I’ve been reflecting on everything that happened.

Thank you, thank you so much to all the people that have sent me both positive and negative messages. The criticism is all part of this crazy sport. I’ll go home now and I’ll dedicate myself, train and conquer once again. So thank you again to everyone that texted me.

Emotionally, I’m sad for not having done my best. But everyone knows about my faith and that I believe in God. I believe God has something bigger planned for me. So I’m sorry for disappointing my whole nation and everyone who believed in me winning this fight, which unfortunately didn’t happen. Thank you so, so much. I will dedicate myself and return stronger and conquer to please everyone.

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