UFC-mästaren i mellanvikt Israel Adesanya begraver till slut stridsyxan med mästaren i tungvikt Jon Jones. Herrarna har kivats i flera år och till och från har det blivit väldigt personligt.

Israel Adesanya berättar hur fejden med Jon Jones började

Israel Adesanya gästade Logan Pauls podcast IMPAULSIVE där han avslöjade hur fejden började. Enligt nigerianen så var han från början ett stort fan av Jones men chockades när denne sade att han ville möta honom trots att de var i olika viktklasser:

I’ve been a fan of Jon since I saw him at UFC [94]. He fought Stephan Bonnar, rest in peace. I saw what he did in that fight and I saw a fan. I think he was [of me] as well.

Then he mentioned something like, ‘Oh, I’d like to fight Israel.’ Why the f—k does this guy want to fight me? I’m Middleweight. But then I responded back and we had beef.

Det hela nådde sin kulmen år 2020 efter att Adesanya besegrat Paulo Costa:

For a few years, it was like that, then after I fought [Paulo] Costa it went really deep then that was around the time it could have happened but I don’t know what happened, scheduling, COVID reasons, whatever.

Dessa inlägg delades av Adesanya och Jones under den tiden:

Well you sleep under the cage so…
Get in your tighty nighty and go to underneath the cage like the ugly putrid troll you are. pic.twitter.com/dhZ0r4yTF1

— Israel Adesanya (@stylebender) October 9, 2020

Brother explain your titty I was hiding from Nevada state Athletic Commission, not USADA and that was years ago.. I had just smoked a blunt and was afraid I would fail my test for weed that’s the actual truth Now everyone knows everyone

— BONY (@JonnyBones) October 9, 2020

Har mognat och växt som person

Adesanya tror att Jones kan ha känt sig hotad av hans stigande stjärnstatus men säger nu att han växt och mognat som person och inte längre vill bråka med tungviktaren.

Growth is something you have to go through as a human being, as a man especially. Maturity.

There was a point where we were … ah, f—k. I came to the UFC, I felt like — it’s up to him to admit this — he was a fan but then he was kind of like, ‘Ah, there’s another coming in this game and just taking the shine.

Adesanya säger att han nu känner att han unnar andra fighters och konkurrenter deras tid i rampljuset:

There’s enough room for us to shine. This is not like a — I even said it about Henry Cejudo when he was talking s—t about me — I’m not even in your weight class, you’re a munchkin.

You don’t have to hate on me for doing what I’m doing. We can be in our own lanes and be great.

Jon Jones senaste uttalande om Adesanya

Jon Jones valde å sin sida förra månaden att hylla Adesanya som en stjärna men sade också att det inte rådde någon tvekan om att han åstadkommit mer i karriären än nigerianen och att de därför inte kan jämföras:

I feel like my legacy and my career are past his. If this was like an Instagram following competition then yeah, we’d be neck and neck. But when it comes to our body of work, there’s no competition and there’s no reason for me to compare myself to him.

He’s done great things, and you know, people say there’s lots of room in the sky for many stars, and he is undoubtedly a star but I feel like our careers are really un-comparable. Not a fight that I need, no.

Ingen av herrarna har en match bokad i nuläget.

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