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Gilbert Burns (20-5) anklagade Jorge Masvidal (35-16) för att ha duckat hans utmaningar. Nu svarar Masvidal på Burns uttalande med en förklaring samt en utmaning.

Gilbert Burns anklagar Masvidal för att undvika honom

Gilbert Burns skrev tidigare i veckan på sin Twitter att Jorge Masvidal duckat honom vid tre tillfällen. Enligt Burns ska UFC ha föreslagit tre olika datum varav alla blivit nobbade av Masvidal.

Just letting everyone know that [UFC] offered me [Jorge Masvidal] 3x. First time was for Nov 12. He said he needs more time, second time for Dec 10 he said he was going to (Brazil) to fight me and now he just said no again! so I guess the B from his BMF belt doesn’t stand for bad.

Läs mer djupgående om Burns uttalande i vår artikel släppt tidigare i veckan.

Jorge Masvidal svarar Burns

Masvidal var måttligt road med Burns uttalande. Så pass att han svarade med en utmaning. Anledningen till att Masvidal inte kunnat tacka ja är enligt honom då han haft fullt upp med valrörelsen för USA:s senat.

Sorry I’ve been missing. Your boy has been spreading his words, doing his thing, making sure this country can be as safe as it can be. I love all of you left and right. Midterms (election) are over already, so I can focus on some other things like myself and being selfish, so I’m going to address this little bitch, who I usually don’t have time for, but I’ll make some time for you today, Gilbert.

Masvidal befinner sig i en rättsprocess efter att ha anklagats ha överfallit Colby Covington, något han nämner i förbifarten utan att gå in på det vidare.

Hunter (Campbell), when you hear this or see this, can you please tell this bitch I never agreed to November, December or January. I’ve had court cases, I’ve had different things, a bunch of things, and I haven’t been able to decide who I got to fight. Now I got some much better news today, so guess what? If you want to get your ass whooped when Leon Edwards defends his fucking belt in England, I would gladly beat the shit out of you, Gilbert.


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