Fight Club Rush-bossen Jörgen Hamberg har uttalat sig. Detta efter helgens brutala match i FCR 16 mellan Toni Lampinen och Andreas Gustafsson.

Jörgen Hamberg kritiserar dagens pacifister

Jörgen Hamberg har uttalat sig via sin Facebook-sida efter helgens lyckade gala i Västerås som bjöd på stor underhållning i huvudmatchen som blev ett, minst sagt, blodigt krig på fem ronder. Han väljer där i ett långt inlägg argumentera för att MMA-fighters är beskyddare som är otroligt viktiga för världen i händelse av krig med mera.

Hamberg pekar i synnerhet på kriget i Ukraina som bevisat att man inte kan lita på ”pacifister”.

Ni kan läsa Hambergs inlägg nedan:

Modern people argue about our sport not being real, to being violent and should criminalized and so. I say the world gone soft and these fine gentlemen has lost their background. Men fight and its in our DNA to do it because of the ancient need for being a warrior, to protect the ones you love. Everyone should embrace the skilled warrior and his ability to do it with grace and honor. This is an ultimate sport and two warriors showing their ultimate ability to fight another skilled man in hand-to-hand combat. In fact, it’s been a sport much longer than modern sports.

Hamberg är tränare på Västerås Fight Club och en av männen bakom den Västeråsbaserade organisationen Fight Club Rush.

You can see it in the ancient Greek Olympic games named as Pankration back in 645 BC. People respected and valued Warriors highly because of being masters in protecting their land and their families. An ultimate asset. If we take a look at our biggest criticizers, they are modern week individuals on a trail that there are no genders, and nothing will ever need anything else than words and a pencil.

Then came the Ukrainian war and showed us reality, the pencil and the guy with big words claiming warriors are not needed in a modern word got shut. Revaluate and think again. The protector, the warrior is real and needed. In all modern feminine coziness, there is still evil and needs someone to step up and fight it. All fighters in a cagefight shows they are embracing these abilities and the beauty in the art of defending in hand-to-hand combat is real and was a sport far before the new ones.

No one relies on a week pacifist when the shit hits the fan. So, I keep my MMA fighters close because the guys at the chess club(no offence) will not be the one protecting my ass. The warrior’s business is still accurate and its still the last one standing.
Credit to the warriors in the picture.

Hamberg är känd för att sticka ut hakan och sade förra året att han inte var intresserad av tråkiga nyblivna proffsfighters som begär högre löner.

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