Known for his near defeat of Tyson Fury and his recent decisive win against Murat Gassiev, Otto Wallin finally takes the centre stage he deserves on the world boxing scene as he faces Anthony Joshua. We spoke about the potential differences between the Fury and coming Joshua fight. 

“Joshua is one of the biggest stars in boxing. These are the fights you want. This fight is probably bigger than my fight against Fury – partly because I am a bigger name than I was then and the event is huge. It’s a historic show. So it’s really fun to be a part of it. The world’s eyes will be on us, and to be a main event fighter is incredible. It feels great.”

The fight between Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin presents an intriguing clash of contrasting fight styles. Anthony Joshua, a former unified heavyweight champion, is known for his imposing physique, powerful punches, and technical prowess. Joshua often relies on a strategic approach, utilising his jab to set up devastating combinations. His knockout power, particularly with his right hand, has been a defining feature in many of his victories. 

On the other hand, Otto Wallin, a skilled and experienced heavyweight, is recognised for his agility, movement, and elusive defensive techniques. Wallin has displayed the ability to navigate the ring effectively, making him a challenging target for opponents. Additionally, his southpaw stance can pose a unique challenge for orthodox fighters like Joshua. While Joshua may look to capitalise on his strength and knockout ability, Wallin’s agility and defensive skills could lead to an engaging tactical battle, potentially shaping up as a matchup with strategic manoeuvres and unpredictable outcomes.

I ask Wallin what keeps him motivated, as the sport requires a lot effort and – at times – brings physical punishment both in the gym and in the ring. “These types of fights are what you dream of. They make you want to wake up in the morning and go to your training session. There have been tough moments in my career, but then you just have to stay motivated, keep training, while dreaming of reaching exactly this type of fight. So it feels great that it is finally happening.” 

Wallin’s climb up the ranks reflects his dedication to honing his craft and competing at the highest level, solidifying his standing among the elite in the dynamic world of heavyweight boxing. Facing his biggest fight to date, he tells us about is impressions of Joshua as they met face to face in a recent press conference: “I thought Joshua was quite stiff. He seemed nervous and insecure. He played tough at first but when I started talking to him he first kept quiet – keeping up the charade of being tough – but then he relaxed and started talking back. In general he feels quite insecure. I think he doubts himself. He has changed coach again which is usually a bad sign.” 

In a sport historically dominated by other nations, Wallin has elevated the profile of Swedish boxing on the international stage. His success, particularly in challenging some of the heavyweight division’s top contenders, has not only showcased his personal prowess but has also drawn attention to the talent and potential within the Swedish boxing community. Wallin’s achievements serve as a catalyst for the growth and development of the sport in Sweden, motivating a new generation of boxers to pursue their dreams and proving that excellence knows no geographical bounds. A win for Wallin on the 23rd will not only elevate him to boxing royalty, but hopefully also to a superstar both internationally and at home. 

We finish by talking about how he will defeat Joshua. “Mentality will be key. I have a lot of momentum coming from the best fight in my career where I defeated Gassiev but didn’t take much punishment. I am in great shape – probably the best shape of my life. I think the timing is perfect.” 

We hope the world – and particularly Sweden – is watching. Fighter Magazine stands with Wallin. 

Nu kör vi! 

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