In May last year, we highlighted a rising star to watch and whose career Fighter Magazine has been invited to follow from a ringside seat (literally and figuratively). In his second professional fight, Abbar achieved a stunning second-round knockout, remarkably marking his second knockout win in just 37 days since embarking on his professional journey. This rapid succession of victories not only highlights his dedication but also underscores his vigorous pursuit of greatness within the boxing world, while making an indelible mark on the sport in Saudi Arabia.

This both highlights Abbar’s determination and his commitment to boxing while balancing business obligations outside the ring, which he says is due to his focused preparation and strict training regimen. Managed by the experienced Kamal Mujtaba, a figure with a keen eye for talent and a track record of nurturing emerging fighters, Suli has found himself in capable hands as he navigates the competitive world of professional boxing. Under Mujtaba’s guidance, Suli’s transition to the professional stage was marked by his impressive technical prowess as well as the strategic acumen displayed in the ring.

WBC MiddleEast Super-lightweight Champion Khalid Nasir’s support has also played a role in Abbar’s journey, offering valuable insights from the perspective of a seasoned professional.

Abbar steps into the ring with a tapestry of personal and cultural history woven into his trunks. One side honors Abbar’s ancient Hero Achilles, which for him symbolises valor and honour, while the other side displays the emblems of Abbar Foods, one of the leading F&B companies in the Middle East distributing to household names like Haribo, Crystal Hot Sauce, Alicafe and Frescho.

The Trunks, Suli tells us, symbolise dedication to conquer challenges disregarding any notions of personal comfort. They acknowledge the unique position of a professional boxer who embraces the sport not out of necessity, but out of a relentless pursuit of greatness. At the same time, they pay homage to the unbreakable bonds of family, highlighting the crucial role of unity in reaching new heights.

As Abbar continues to carve out his path in professional boxing, his trajectory is particularly resonant within the Arab world, where his performances have not only demonstrated his fighting prowess but also ignited excitement for what’s to come. With the backing of Kamal Mujtaba and the support of his team, Abbar is well-positioned for further achievements, promising more captivating bouts for fans across the region.

Abbar’s full professional record is available on BoxRec.

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